Say GOODBYE to mainstream pediatric clinics. 

Welcome to MINDSETkids, your holistic pediatric clinic where we provide educational resources and information to parents seeking complementary care, natural remedies, and integrative and holistic options for all kids. Our mission is to empower parents with the knowledge, support and tools to make the best decisions for the well-being of their kids.


NO MORE... pushy pediatricians
               Say YES to a holistic approach
NO MORE... expensive visits
               Say YES to $0 visits
NO MORE... long wait times
               Say YES to priority scheduling
NO MORE... jab injuries
               Say YES to medical freedom

Services Provided

TeleHealth Program

for all of your kids
$0 Sick Visits!

Consultations with our MINDSETkids Practitioners!
Join our monthly membership program for discounted consultations AND FREE Sick Visits/Calls.

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Resource Club


Educational Resources! Exclusive Webinars! Access to The MINDSETkids Roaring Explorer journal with recipes, games, activities, natural health tips, and medical myths & facts! Q&A's with top doctors and professionals!
Plus a Private community group to help
you make informed decisions
regarding your kid’s health. 

And so much more!!!

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Shop our Kid's Products

Here are our Top 4 Favorite Kid's Products!

Ion Biome

All natural and soil derived, gut support that goes beyond probiotics to defend you from environmental toxins and diversify your gut microbiome naturally.


Earthley Kids Cub Pak

This kid's bundle includes a liquid botanical multivitamin formulated for the whole family, cod liver oil and a herbal remedy to help you feel better fast.


Fruits & Greens Drink

A kid's daily drink with the antioxidant power of 20+ Servings of Fruits & Vegetables!
Plus, it is delicious!


100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks

The perfect snack!! Paleovalley 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks are the only beef sticks in the USA made from 100% grass fed/grass finished beef and organic spices that are naturally fermented.


The medical system is deeply flawed, and it is essential to seek alternatives outside of this broken system.

-Dr. Jim Meehan 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was MINDSETkids created?

MINDSETkids was created because pediatricians and family doctors were not providing the care and informed consent that our children deserve. Doctors take an oath to 'DO NO HARM,' and we take that commitment to heart. We are here to provide you with the resources and care you deserve to make the best decisions for your child. Knowledge is power, and we believe in placing that power back into the hands of loving parents. 

What is MINDSETkids?

MINDSETkids is a membership club specifically designed to provide comprehensive support for children's overall well-being. It was created to address the critical need for an integrated approach to children's health, emphasizing natural remedies, informed consent, and fostering confidence in parents to take action in their child's healthcare. We offer several resources, including our website, which is abundant with resources for parents; interactive webinars with health professionals, and our Membership Club, which also grants access to our providers for more acute and chronic health support. MINDSETkids is a program of MeehanMD. Please see the SERVICE tab for more information.

Is Dr. Meehan an MD, ND or DO?

Dr. Jim Meehan is an MD & ophthalmic surgeon who furthered his career by obtaining Functional & Preventative Medicine training.

Does Dr. Meehan, MD, specialize in pediatric care?

Our providers' passion and purpose are to help you understand how our bodies are designed to heal and achieve optimal functionality. They are supported by an amazing advisory board that offers additional pediatric support and guidance. This super team was created to provide the best for all our children.

What ages are considered MINDSETkids?

MINDSETkids encompasses all children under parental care, providing holistic wellness solutions and resources from early childhood through adolescence. The program recognizes the evolving needs of children at different stages of development and tailors its approach accordingly.

Does my family qualify for MINDSETkids Telehealth Membership Program?

The MINDSETkids Telehealth Membership Program is available for all families seeking acute care, outside of the Resource Club. This membership grants you access to our health providers. Please visit our SERVICES tab for more information on how to join this program.

What do I do if my child needs an appointment right away?

As a member of our Telehealth Membership program, you can call our office for an appointment anytime you feel it is needed. Our dedicated team is here to provide the care your precious child deserves.

Can I call if my child is sick?

Absolutely. As part of our MINDSETkids Membership Program, we recognize the interconnected nature of physical and overall well-being. If your child is unwell, please feel free to contact us, and we will guide you on the appropriate steps to address both the physical and overall aspects of their health... FREE OF CHARGE!

What insurances are accepted?

We do not accept insurance for our services. We operate as a pay-for-service clinic with the goal of making holistic wellness services accessible to a broad spectrum of families seeking comprehensive pediatric care. If you have any questions regarding payment options, please feel free to contact our administrative staff for further assistance.

Dr. Meehan has been so much more than just a doctor to me. It’s hard to put into words. Many physicians do not have their patients' best interests in mind and are financially driven... That is not Dr. Meehan. It is truly a shame there are not more like him.  I never would have reached my goals without Dr. Meehan, and I will forever be grateful for his work.


Dr. Meehan is very personable and easily explains and teaches about important foundational information that is so vital to understanding your health. What a blessing! The office runs so nicely and is very quick to respond to set up appointments or answer questions. I couldn't be more pleased!


Dr. Meehan is the best functional doctor I have heard of! He takes care of his patients and really listens to you. The service and care I received from Dr. Meehan and his team is top notch.


Dr. Meehan truly cares about healing and education. We are thankful for his knowledge and practice. More doctors should take the time to dive deeper into research and work on true healing. Thank you, Doc!


Wonderful experience with Dr Meehan. His comprehensive approach addresses not just the symptoms of illness but targets the root cause. My family is thankful to have found him.


I am so thrilled to have found a very knowledgeable and experienced functional doctor. It is so valuable to have someone with that level of expertise in basically the whole health including supplements.


I am incredibly grateful for the staff at Dr. Meehan's office who are deeply committed to assisting individuals in achieving optimal health by enabling our bodies to function as God designed. I would like to express my gratitude to Richelle Voth PA-C for her compassion, detailed explanation, and for offering a prayer after the consultation.


Our first experience has been like a breath of fresh air. The entire staff at this practice takes such great pride in their part of the organization! Dr. Lakin is such an exceptional caregiver! Always seeking to learn, apply what's best for his patients and most importantly isn't tied to corporate health system that is only concerned about making profits. I only wish we had found them years ago!