Dr. Meehan has been so much more than just a doctor to me. It’s hard to put into words. Many physicians do not have their patients' best interests in mind and are financially driven... That is not Dr. Meehan. It is truly a shame there are not more like him. I never would have reached my goals without Dr. Meehan, and I will forever be grateful for his work.


Dr. Meehan is very personable and easily explains and teaches about important foundational information that is so vital to understanding your health. What a blessing! The office runs so nicely and is very quick to respond to set up appointments or answer questions. I couldn't be more pleased!


Dr. Meehan is the best functional doctor I have heard of! He takes care of his patients and really listens to you. The service and care I received from Dr. Meehan and his team is top notch.


Dr. Meehan truly cares about healing and education. We are thankful for his knowledge and practice. More doctors should take the time to dive deeper into research and work on true healing. Thank you, Doc!


Wonderful experience with Dr Meehan. His comprehensive approach addresses not just the symptoms of illness but targets the root cause. My family is thankful to have found him.


I am so thrilled to have found a very knowledgeable and experienced functional doctor. It is so valuable to have someone with that level of expertise in basically the whole health including supplements.


I am incredibly grateful for the staff at Dr. Meehan's office who are deeply committed to assisting individuals in achieving optimal health by enabling our bodies to function as God designed. I would like to express my gratitude to Richelle Voth PA-C for her compassion, detailed explanation, and for offering a prayer after the consultation.


Our first experience has been like a breath of fresh air. The entire staff at this practice takes such great pride in their part of the organization! Dr. Lakin is such an exceptional caregiver! Always seeking to learn, apply what's best for his patients and most importantly isn't tied to corporate health system that is only concerned about making profits. I only wish we had found them years ago!


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