Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals at MINDSETkids is committed to promoting children's well-being. With expertise in functional medicine and a focus on creating a positive healthcare experience, our providers strive to keep kids healthy and happy.

Jim Meehan, MD

Early in his career as a top eye surgeon (ophthalmologist), Dr. Meehan recognized how so many people were suffering from chronic diseases that were mismanaged, and often made worse by the “pill for every ill” medical model that served the pharmaceutical and medical industries at the cost of patient health. As his dedication to patient care evolved into a Preventative and Functional Medicine approach, he was able to actually diagnose patients' ailments and teach them how to manage their health and heal. His passion for technology and the desire to reach more patients opened the door to creating a telehealth platform that currently reaches patients in over 30 states.

When he was introduced to the documentary, VAXXED, that exposed the corruption behind the childhood vaccine industry, his mission expanded into speaking out on informed consent. Through collaboration with great likeminded doctors and a mission oriented team, he is excited to lead MINDSETkids as a resource for parents to take charge of their children’s health.

Dr. Meehan’s superpower is his ability to discern high quality medical research from the low quality, biased, pseudoscience used to promote pharmaceutical industry products... Plus he is a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, NAGA World Jiu Jitsu Champion, and 2013 "Living Legend" inductee into the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame! He is America’s doctor and truth seeker. 

Terry Lakin, DO

Dr. Terry Lakin, DO, MPH, is a highly accomplished physician with extensive military and civilian medical experience. Graduating from Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1993, Dr. Lakin's career included 17 years of distinguished service in various military roles, culminating in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He held pivotal positions such as Brigade and Squadron Flight Surgeon in combat zones, as well as Chief of Outpatient Medicine at the Pentagon, showcasing his expertise in Family Medicine and Occupational & Environmental Medicine.

Transitioning to civilian life, Dr. Lakin established a thriving Occupational Medicine practice in Colorado, overseeing multiple Urgent Care clinics. Committed to holistic patient care, he advocated for alternative approaches, notably during the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting early treatment and FLCCC protocols. Dr. Lakin's unwavering dedication to constitutional principles and faith, shared with his wife, Dr. Pili Lakin, underscores his commitment to excellence in medicine and service to community and country.

Dr. Lakin’s superpower is his unyielding commitment to uncovering the truth. He is a lean, mean fighting machine who uses his God-given intelligence to ensure his patients receive the best therapies, whether natural or the latest discovery, for their ailments. Dr. Lakin safeguards the right to informed consent and empowers families with knowledge and choice in their healthcare journey. 

Meet the Rest of the Team!!

Mandi, RN

Registered Nurse

Mandi has a rich 12-year career as a Registered Nurse and has accumulated a decade of specialized expertise in Neonatal Intensive Care. Her professional transition from the hospital environment to a private practice has led her to a more holistic and natural-minded community where she is deeply involved in promoting alternative modalities to all patients that she encounters. Throughout her career, she has honed her skills in caring for the whole person, acknowledging the interconnected aspects of health and wellness. Her current role allows her to empower parents by providing them with knowledge and tools to actively participate in their child's well-being. As a healthcare professional, Mandi is dedicated to fostering a collaborative and informed approach to healthcare, ensuring that parents feel confident in their ability to make health-related decisions for their families.

Mandi’s superpower is her passion and commitment to educating parents on embracing more natural approaches to healthcare. Mandi is a supermom to her 2 beautiful children!

Meg, NHC

Certified Natural Health Counselor

Megan’s faith plays a central role in shaping her values and decisions which has provided her strength, guidance, and a sense of purpose as she navigates the joys and challenges of life. Her dedication as a certified natural health counselor allows her to promote and advocate for a holistic approach to well-being to enrich the lives of others. Her role as a supplement specialist and natural health enthusiast blesses others as she provides knowledge to patients and parents as a tool to empower them to make informed choices for their families. A better understanding of our bodies and the options available encourage wiser decisions that support overall health and vitality.

Megan's superpower is her creative mind which produces eye-catching and vibrant graphics and more importantly, stimulates her innovative mind for researching, sourcing, and selecting high-quality products and solutions to meet the needs of those seeking natural alternatives.

Stephanie, CHHP 

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Stephanie is a dedicated Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, playing a pivotal role as a leader within our MINDSET Wellness Coach team. With a passion for holistic health and wellness, Stephanie is committed to empowering both parents and children on their journey to cultivating happy and healthy lives. Through her expertise, she strives to instill a Wellness MINDSET, fostering positive habits and well-being in individuals and families alike. Stephanie's holistic approach encompasses a deep understanding of natural health practices, making her an invaluable asset in guiding others towards achieving optimal physical and mental health.

Stephanie’s superpower is her ability to problem solve. Through patient dialogue and understanding what to ask, Stephanie utilizes her thinking skills and enthusiasm to help others grow and thrive as reflected in her genuine dedication to creating a healthier, happier community.